Fiber Laser Settings

All these parameters are provided as a general guideline and should serve as a good starting point. Individual materials and preference will determine the final combination of settings for each application. You will notice that parameters are provided as a "general range" and therefore some user testing and experimentation is required. It is recommended that you go to this youtube channel and looks @ JefferyJ videoes. Awesome dude. This is for you to learn more about your fiberlaser. Here is some ezcad files that is important for you to mark on stainless steel. This will give you some information what your fiberlaser can do.
1. Power vs Speed Grid 2. Power vs Freq Grid 3. Frequency vs Hatch Grid 4. Ezcad 2.14.11.zip 3.75 MB
5. Ezcad 2.14.10.zip with usb drivers 33.12 MB 6. EzCad parameter setting and debugging
7. Here are more test grids. (Dropbox link) Thanks to ZacZac for sharing those awsome test grids.
For MOPA and non mopa fiber lasers.

Hatch settings ?? What is that ??? Check out the the video Beginner's Guide to Hatch Settings from JefferyJ

Learn how the hatches and frequency cause different effects. Look at it like sandpaper. Smaller frequency more aggressive. And power is how much pressure you put down and speed is the rate of sanding the surface.

ROTARY, ring rotary or rotary for tumblers has always been a struggle for newcomers.
Check out this youtube video for Fiber Laser Rotary Basics. Here is another one, Fiber Laser Rotary Example 1
Thanks to Elephant Engraving Co. for these videos.
Here are is a usefull video for changing red pointer on a CINO-GALVO head (Youtube link)

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The Pulse [ns] settings are for MOPA (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) fiber laser only.

Suggested Material Settings - Click on material name to show settings.